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Here and the Hereafter

There are many fears known to the human condition, but the “mother of all fears” is the fear of death and dying. So powerfully intriguing is this fear (and what happens afterward) that it has […]

Ireland Calling…

Plans are underway to travel once again to Ireland next summer… and you are invited. This year’s trip was so magical we have decided to host the second annual “Spirit of Ireland Journey: Ruins, Runes […]

On Demand This! The dark side of Impatience

With the accessibility of practically everything at one’s fingertips these days, have you noticed how people get impatient when things are anything less than immediate? Immediate gratification has become the norm with expectations, but there […]


If you have ever driven toward a destination with a GPS device and made a wrong turn, you know the response (often in a woman’s voice)…“Recalculating.” Being picked up at the Orlando Airport this week […]

Friends in Need: The Buffer Theory

There are a multitude of coping techniques to successfully deal with stress, but one that tops the list is this: A strong support group made up of quality friends. As the expression goes, “No man […]

Congrats to Chile for a Fantastic Rescue

Today we honor the 33 men who were rescued from trapped over two months in a mine in Chile. Today we honor the return of the hero on the hero’s journey! Stress comes in many […]

Protect Your Adrenal Glands!

The adrenal glands are called the “stress glands.” They are known for this reason because they produce a host of hormones that prepare you for fight or flight. In essence, the adrenal glands are your […]

The Pursuit of Happiness

Fear and anger may be the most recognized, if not common, stress emotions, but let us not forget that there is another emotion associated with stress, specifically eustress. This emotion is joy, also referred to […]

Stress and Impatience

In this age of instant gratification, there is a corresponding increase in impatience. The ability to call up information in seconds, the ability to access virtually anybody through voice mail, email or text message, the […]

Island Time: Stress Management Polynesian Style

You notice something immediately when you arrive on an island, whether it’s in the South Pacific, the Caribbean or even off the coast of Maine; the pace of life is much slower—as it should be. […]