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Healthy Boundaries…. See you in September

To honor the concept of healthy boundaries (and to enjoy the last few weeks of summer), this blog will take a vacation, returning after Labor Day. Thank you to all the readers who have been […]

Clean Your Belly Button!

Researchers, in trying to find the source of staph infections in hospitals, think they might have the answer; your belly button. Most people, when taking a shower or bath, kind of gloss over the naval […]

Vail Mountain Retreat Weekend this October

Please join us in Vail, Colorado this Columbus Day weekend at the world renowned Sonnenalp hotel Oct 7-9 for a glorious mountain getaway. This retreat offers some wonderful relaxation and guided mental imagey sessions, some […]

Ascension 101: Health of the Human Spirit

If you pursue the question of spiritual well-being with any kind ofpassion, at some point you will come face to face with the concept of the “ascension process.” Ascension means many things to many people, […]